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About Us

Harold's Hardbodies applies a unique approach to group and personal training by using suspension training with the TRX suspension training system and by integrating cardio and strength training into each session. The TRX system improves your total body strength, balance, flexibility, core strength, and joint range-of-motion by harnessing the resistance of your own body weight and gravity. By utilizing a blend of both cardio and strength training in each session, you will maximize your results without having to spend hours in a gym.


Read below for more details on the major services provided by Harold's Hardbodies. The heart rate monitors that Harold uses is the polar h7.  The polar h7 is a device that allows each client to individually track their heart rate and caloric expenditure in real time during the workout. This heart rate monitor also allows Harold to track everyone on one device during a group workout.  The use of polar h7 monitors increases the efficiency in the workouts that we provide. For more information call us at 865-909-7241.



Harold specializes in personal training for all ages and fitness levels.  He designs unique training plans for each client in order to maximize results and quickly achieve fitness goals. Harold is also knowledgeable about most injuries, and will work with you to reduce further risk and speed up the rehabilitation process. 


The one-on-one training is guaranteed to provide you complete control of your workout, one-on-one attention, a customized training plan, and greater control of each workout.

            GROUP TRAINING


Group classes at Harold's Hardbodies truly are individualized training in a group setting.  This is a good option for clients wanting to add a social aspect to their workout, achieve personal attention at each workout, and pay a lower price than personal training. 


The strategic use of polar h7 heart rate sensors and Polar Beat app helps maximize group training sessions by tracking your personal progress including your personal record in endurance and efficiency.  Your first group training session is FREE!

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