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Here is what people who have tried Harold's Hardbodies have to say.


“Best trainer I've ever had! He really motivated me and pushed me harder than I've ever been pushed. I was in the best shape of my life. Amazing trainer!!”​


“He has the unique ability to push me to the limit physically while keeping my spirits high and my motivation strong. I have been training with Harold for years and couldn't be happier with him and his results!”​


“My workouts with Harold have always been tailored to fit my needs, while also pushing me outside the mental and physical boundaries I set for myself. I have seen an enormous increase in strength and the ability to push through when my mind tells me I can't. I like that Harold is an encouraging trainer who pushes you, but without yelling or making you feel bad about your level of fitness.​


“Harold always took the time to show me how to do each exercise and gave helpful tips during our workouts to make sure I had the technique perfect. Harold has an incredibly encouraging tone and never once yelled at me. We worked on a lean body for my wedding and I rocked a backless dress thanks to his focus and dedication.”​


“Harold is an excellent trainer. He pushed me harder than I ever would have pushed myself, and with his expertise on my side I knew I wasn't going to hurt myself. I exceeded my goals, and learned a lot of new techniques along the way. Highly recommend!!”​

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